Israel lottery - A great way to show you care!
The  Fun  way to support ISRAEL

Next draw Tuesday night - DoubleLotto Prize Nis 20,000,000

Don't you wish ...
 that you could do something for Israel?
Don't you wish ...
 that you could sort out all her problems? 
Don't you wish ...
 that you could make a difference?

Well, you can! With IsraLotto, you can take part in the Israel National Lotto right now,  in front of your computer. 
How's that going to help? Simple. The Lotto money is poured back into the economy as health services, infrastructure, jobs and more. Lotto has put over NIS 20 billion ($5 billion) into schools, clinics and other community services. (click here for more details)

By buying an entry you also show that you care. You give Israel a moral boost!

Don't forget, this is not charity. This is the Israel Lotto with millions in prizes every week! There are also thousands of smaller prizes. This means that every time you check your email you could be in for a big surprise.

Besides for the prizes mentioned above, all IsraLotto members participate in our exclusive Members Club. (click here for more details)

A NIS 71.25 ($19) subscription gives you two entries each week for a month. (And generally an Extra entry on the first Thursday of each month)
We deliver your Lotto entries to an authorized agent of Mifal Hapayis. Draws are generally held on Tuesday and Saturday night (and are postponed for a day if Yomtov). 
Subscribing makes you a partner in the noble enterprise that is Israel.

So, sign up today - it's the least you can do.
(To participate you must be over 18)   

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Kotel HaMaravi (Western wall of the Temple mount)  Israeli lottery supports all segments of society.


"You are doing a super job." BW

"I appreciate your quick and warm response...Kol tuv"   Alex

Israel Lotto - Share in the bond. A feeling of togetherness.

Israeli lottery keeps alive the reality of Israel.

Ancient yet familiar. Israel Lotto supports Zion